Don Girard

Don Girard

Sr. Director of Government Relations & Institutional Communications, SMC

Don Girard has been in senior leadership at Santa Monica College for more than two decades. He has helped orchestrate the four bond measures that have contributed to College development, among other College advancement initiatives. Recently, he has overseen the construction of the Broad Stage at the SMC Performing Arts Center and the launch of the operating program for the Center; has initiated and secured funding for a national model public transportation program providing free public transit for all SMC students and staff; and is overseeing the funding and construction of new facilities for KCRW.

His management responsibilities include SMC’s three foundations, the College public programs, College marketing, government relations, and a liaison role in College master planning.

Prior to his work at the College, Mr. Girard owned and operated a mid-sized, Santa Monica-based design boutique agency, with clients ranging from national manufacturers to educational media to employee benefits providers to many of the local bodybuilders who have gone on to national prominence.

Mr. Girard has served on a number of local boards and commissions and is the past chair of the Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors. His professional training is as an electrical engineer.

Mr. Girard has one child, Alondra, a sophomore at Washington State University, and is married to Blanca Malpartida-Girard.