Why Give to SMC

Your support POWERS student achievement through scholarships, FUELS important faculty cutting-edge resources, ENERGIZES student program support, and DRIVES our ability to provide urgent assistance for students, including basic needs, such as food, books, technology, housing. No matter what you choose to support, your gift to SMC, changes the lives of students!


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Your Gift Changes Lives

Your support powers student achievement through scholarships, fuels important, cutting-edge faculty resources, energizes student program support, and drives urgent assistance for students, including basic needs, such as books, technology, housing, and food.
Santa Monica College Accounting Professors Ming Lu and Enrique Lopez

Positive Balance

When you add up a former WWE wrestler, rock and roll musician, and football lineman—along with a gang member wanting to change his life—the sum is just a few examples of people who found their calling as accountants by studying at Santa Monica College.

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State and local civic leaders help with Giving Thanksgiving food event for students in need

Giving Thanks & Empathy in Action

Over 150 volunteers including staff, alumni, and state and local civic leaders showed empathy over a multi-day event. 

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Sharlyne Massillon, SMC’s first basic needs project manager

Food for Thought

Sharlyne Massillon, SMC’s first basic needs project manager, started working at SMC as an intern. And her personal experience taught her how difficult college life can be for students with basic needs.

Find Out How Your Support Fuels Persistence

Take a look at how the SMC Foundation is helping in the fight against food insecurity.

Three Students Share How SMC Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

SMC Grad Nicole Rojas, an inspiring Latinx business student, shares what SMC means to her now and why she plans to support SMC in the future.

SMC Grad Justin Hong, an international STEM/Computer Science  student, explains why he chose to come to SMC and the people and opportunities at SMC that supported his hard work to help him achieve success.

SMC Grad Destiny Nolen describes the incredible SMC organizations that inspired and supported her heart-felt path to medical school at UCLA after a difficult youth.

Math Student

5 Reasons Why Giving Matters

It's easy to wonder "does my gift make a difference?" The answer is "YES!" Donations of all sizes are essential to the ongoing excellence of students and programs at Santa Monica College.

Why Giving Matters

Graduating Student
SMC Graduating Student
Deciding to come to SMC was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could not be happier at any other community college since here you can find everything you could ever want from an academic institution- that and more.

Change the World One Gift at a Time